Occasionally a partner will need to cancel or modify an active Weather Guarantee on behalf of a customer. Sensible Weather has restrictions in place on cancellations and modifications to minimize manipulation of Weather Guarantees. We have the following requirements regarding Weather Guarantees:

  • Weather Guarantees should always be attached to an active reservation in the partner system. Any time the customer cancels the reservation with the partner, the Weather Guarantee should also be canceled.
  • Weather Guarantees cannot be cancelled on their own. We do not allow cancellation and refund of the Weather Guarantee if the partner reservation is not also cancelled.
  • Weather Guarantees are associated with a specific reservation. If the price, location, or dates of a reservation change, then the original Weather Guarantee must be canceled and a new quote presented to the customer. Exceptions to this are outlined in Customer modifies their booking.
  • Weather Guarantees cannot be canceled once the Weather Guarantee is active.

The following sections will detail the specifics around canceling and modifying Weather Guarantees.