Concepts and Types

Below are the two key objects that you will interact with via our APIs.

Guarantee Quote

A Guarantee Quote is a precursor to a Guarantee. The Guarantee Quote contains all of the coverage information of a Guarantee without providing active coverage. The Guarantee Quote includes pricing information that you can use when presenting the quote to a customer, including Sensible’s wholesale price and a suggested price that is a revenue optimized price to charge the customer. A Guarantee Quote converts to an active Guarantee after accepting it via our Accept Quote API.


Guarantee Quotes expire and cannot be accepted after the expires_at time passes.


A Guarantee is the object representation of a Weather Guarantee. A Guarantee contains coverage information for a particular place and time(s) against a specified type of weather. A Guarantee can only be created by first creating a Guarantee Quote and then accepting it. Accepting the Guarantee Quote requires supplemental information such as user details, the reservation number, and the price charged to the user. Once created, a Guarantee is considered active during its start/end date range. While active, it may trigger a payout for qualifying weather events.