Concepts and Types

Described here are the set of objects/types that are interacted with in the Sensible Guarantee APIs

Guarantee Quote

A Guarantee Quote is a precursor to a Guarantee. It will contain all of the relevant coverage information that will be used in the Guarantee without providing active coverage. The Guarantee Quote, in addition to weather event information, includes the "wholesale price", what Sensible is charging, and a "suggested price", the revenue optimized price to charge the end user. A Guarantee Quote can be converted to a Guarantee by "accepting" it. This will then confer protection for a qualifying weather event.
Note that Quotes expire and cannot be converted after their expires_at time.

Guarantee Quotes can be retrieved and accepted.

Schema and API reference


A Guarantee is an object which contains data necessary to cover a particular place and time(s) against a specified type of weather. A Guarantee can only be created by first creating a Guarantee Quote and then accepting it. Accepting the Guarantee Quote required some supplemental information including: user details, the reservation number, and the price charged to the user. Once created, a Guarantee is considered active during its start/end date range. While active, it may trigger a payout for qualifying weather events.

Guarantees can be retrieved, queried, and canceled.

Schema and API reference