What are the terms of my Weather Guarantee?

The duration of guaranteed good weather is dynamic based on the dates and location of your trip/experience. The terms of the guarantee are clearly stated when you book, in confirmation emails, and in pre-arrival emails. You will receive a payout from Sensible if the forecast weather each day of your trip exceeds the conditions stated in your Weather Guarantee.

Do I need to submit a claim?

No, you do not need to submit a claim. When the forecast weather exceeds the weather conditions stated in your Weather Guarantee, you will receive a text message and email to start the reimbursement process with Sensible. No complex claims process or proof of loss is required.

Who pays for the reimbursement?

All reimbursements are paid by Sensible Weather. Sensible’s partners are not liable for any Weather Guarantee reimbursements to guests.

How much reimbursement do I receive with a Weather Guarantee?

Weather Guarantee payout amounts vary and are defined at the time of booking your Weather Guarantee. You are eligible to receive a daily payout equal to the average daily or nightly cost of the qualifying reservation or experience.

How long does it take to get paid?

Sensible triggers communication with you the morning of your trip to let you know if you have a reimbursement waiting. You may choose to receive your payout via Payal or ACH. Processing time depends on the bank and reimbursement method you choose, but typically funds arrive within 3-5 business days.

Can I still go on my trip or experience if I get a reimbursement?

Yes, the Weather Guarantee does not result in any cancellation of your trip or experience. You can continue with your plans, even if you get a reimbursement from Sensible.

What is the difference between a Weather Guarantee and Insurance?

Weather Guarantees are not insurance products. Traditional travel/ticket insurance policies cover catastrophic events that cause cancellation of your trip/event. While insurance products typically cover cancellations leading up to a trip (such as sickness or injury), Sensible guarantees specific weather during the dates of your trip, protecting you in the event that the forecast does not align with the guaranteed conditions.

How can I contact Customer Support about my Weather Guarantee?

You can contact Sensible’s Customer Support at (424) 367-1964 or at [email protected].

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