Website Promotion

Your website is one of your most valuable marketing channels. These ready-made web assets let you call out the fact that you offer Weather Guarantees from Sensible, and show special offers, promotions and other important information. Use the on-screen guide below to see where to place them on your website.

Use of these assets without Sensible’s permission is prohibited.

Promote with Sensible

Let customers know that Weather Guarantees are available by displaying these banners and tiles across your website. You should look to have a blend of one-off promotional and always-on banners and tiles.

Website Assets

Website banners and tiles are great for calling out the fact that you offer Weather Guarantees. Add an always-on banner to your home page so visitors can see you offer Weather Guarantees the moment they land on your site. Adding a tile on your checkout page is also a good prompt.

Designer tip:

When downloading an asset with transparency/blank space, simply add it as an overlay on your brand image using an image editing program such as Canva or Adobe Photoshop.


Website Banners

Download top announcement banners

Download top promotion banners

Download Promotion Tile Banners

Download photo tile banners

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