Included Weather Guarantee

Included Weather Guarantees are bundled in the booking for every customer or certain booking types.

Including a Weather Guarantee for every booking is the most effective way to use a Weather Guarantee as a differentiator to increase conversion, revenue, and advanced booking time as well as reduce last second cancelations.

Create Quote, then Accept Quote

You can variably adjust the price of a booking with a bundled Weather Guarantee by first calling our Create Guarantee Quote to get the quote object. The quote object will include details about the coverage being offered as well as information that should be shown to the user so they understand the Weather Guarantee benefits. The price of the booking should be adjusted to reflect the inclusion of the Weather Guarantee. You are free to mark up, pass through, or mark down the wholesale price, depending on your business goals.

You will then use the Accept Guarantee Quote to inform Sensible of new bookings so we can manage the notification and payout experience with our co-branded Managed by Sensible experience.
Note: do not use the Decline Guarantee Quote endpoint for included guarantees as the user does not have the option to book without a guarantee.

Sensible will invoice you regularly for the wholesale price of booked Weather Guarantees.


What’s Next

API Reference for Get Quote and Accept Quote