Add-on Weather Guarantee

Add-on Weather Guarantees are offered to users during the booking process for an additional cost. This gives users additional options for their experience booking, and allows Sensible Partners to generate additional revenue.

Create Quote, then Accept or Decline Quote

You can offer an add-on Weather Guarantee at the point of booking by first calling the Create Guarantee Quote (API) or Create Guarantee Quote (SDK) . This will return the quote, which contains all of the information about the Weather Guarantee; including what the guarantee covers, how much it costs, and language to help explain the offer to the customer. The quote object includes the wholesale price that Sensible will charge you for managing the guarantee, and the suggested price which is a revenue-optimized price point to charge the consumer for the specific Weather Guarantee offer. You will need to give users the option of adding the guarantee to their experience for the suggested price, and then charge users for the suggested price along with the experience booking.

You will then use the Accept Guarantee Quote to inform Sensible of new bookings so we can manage the notification and payout experience with our co-branded Managed by Sensible experience.

If a customer has decided to make the booking without the guarantee then use the Decline Guarantee Quote to inform Sensible that the guarantee for this quote should not be created.
Note: Do not call Decline Guarantee Quote if a customer abandons their cart without booking.

Sensible will invoice you regularly for the wholesale price of booked Weather Guarantees.

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