Scenario 2: Partner is Merchant of Record

When the Partner is the Merchant of Record (MoR), the primary payments flow is as follows:

  1. Customer's cart includes both their primary booking (e.g. tickets, lodging nights, tee times) and the Weather Guarantee for the booking. The total cart amount is ($booking + $booking_taxes) + ($weather_guarantee + $weather_guarantee_taxes)
  2. Customer enters payment information and clicks to pay.
  3. The partner will call the Accept Guarantee Quote endpoint with the reservation ID of the booking and the amount charged. Since the partner is the MoR, they will decide how to charge the customer for the cost of the Weather Guarantee plus any applicable taxes. The most common approach is that the partner will charge the customer for the combined cost of the booking and Weather Guarantee in one transaction.
  4. Sensible Weather will send an invoice to the partner on a set cadence for the sum cost of the Weather Guarantees sold over the previous billing period net any rev share.