Marketing and Advertising Guidelines

Marketing Messaging

When it comes to promoting Sensible in your marketing, such as your website, socials, and emails, the words matter. We want you to stay true to your brand and speak in your voice. But there are a few simple rules you need to follow when you include us in your conversations with customers.

How to talk about Sensible Weather

Here is a list of approved messages that you can use to promote Sensible and its benefits across your marketing. You can download these assets and then add them to your emails, website, and socials. When using our company name, you should always refer to us as ‘Sensible’ or 'Sensible Weather'.

  • Get reimbursed for bad weather.
  • Add a Weather Guarantee.
  • Good weather or your day is on us.
  • Have a great time, rain or shine.
  • Now offering Weather Guarantees from Sensible Weather.

What’s Next