Integrating with SDK

The Sensible Weather Javascript SDK is designed to allow you to seamlessly generate Weather Guarantee Quotes from within your client-side code.


The Javascript SDK is authenticated using CORS policies combined with a limited security footprint. The SDK is only permitted to generate quotes, but you will still need to accept the quote within your system's backend by using the Sensible Weather API.

To interact with the Javascript SDK, your app must be able to authorize using our auth API. A partner_id or product_id is provided via shared secure vault. Your CORS domains must also be whitelisted.

Installing the SDK

To begin using the SDK, copy the following into the HTML header of the desired page.

<script type='module' src=''></script>
<script nomodule src=''></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />

Once the SDK has been installed on your page, you can access it as a global object named Sensible.

To configure the SDK, call the Sensible.configure method, passing in your partner_id, product_id, and an optional third argument to specify a connection to the sandbox environment.

  // Production Configuration
  document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', () => {
	  Sensible.configure('your_partner_id', 'your_product_id');

  // Sandbox Configuration
  document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', () => {
	  Sensible.configure('your_partner_id', 'your_product_id', 'sandbox');

Creating a Quote

In your checkout flow, use the Sensible SDK to create a quote.

const quote = await Sensible.quote.createQuote({
  coverageStartDate: "2024-01-01",
  coverageEndDate: "2024-01-05",
  currency: "usd",
  exposureName: "Example Exposure Name",
  exposureLatitude: 37.77664018315584,
  exposureLongitude: -111.63836828825272,
  exposureTotalCoverageAmount:  10,
  langLocale: "en-us"

The created quote will provide you with all of the information needed to display to your customer under the quoteData namespace.

The quote object also provides suggested plain language to be used when incorporating the quote into your checkout UI. The main namespace includes language suitable for a simple inline item, while the details namespace includes language suitable for either a modal or separate page.

interface Quote {
  quoteData: {
    id: string;
    pricePerDay: number;
    totalPrice: number;
    dailyCoverageStartHour: number;
    dailyCoverageEndHour: number;
    sortedTiers: { 
      hours: number; 
      reimbursementRate: number 
    exposureProtections: { 
      name: string; 
      unit: string;
      upperThreshold?: number;
      lowerThreshold?: number;
    currency: "usd" | "eur" | "gbp";
  main: {
    title: string;
    suggested_price: string;
    suggested_price_total: string;
    body: string;
    action: string;
    open_details: string;
    terms_conditions: string;
    privacy: string;
  details: {
    title: string;
    summary_heading: string;
    summary_times: string;
    summary_tiers: string[];
    summary_subheading: string;
    summary_body: string;
    summary_explainer: string;
    steps_heading: string;
    step_1_heading: string;
    step_1_body: string;
    step_2_heading: string;
    step_2_body: string;
    step_3_heading: string;
    step_3_body: string;
    summary_body: string;
    suggested_price: string;
    suggested_total_price: string;
    action: string;
    close: string;
    terms_conditions: string;
    privacy: string;

Suggested Plain Language Usage

Bolded plain language keys are required. They contain content for legal compliance or reference a specific weather peril (rain in this case). Once weather peril keys are in place they can be used to dynamically support content for other weather perils such as high temperature, precipitation, etc.

Single Day Weather Guarantee (embedded component)

Multi Day Weather Guarantee (embedded component)

quote.main.suggested_price and quote.main.suggested_price_total are used for both single and multi day Weather Guarantees.

Single day will return an empty value for quote.main.suggested_price_total since the price per day and total amount is the same.

Multi day will return both the per day and total price for quote.main.suggested_price and quote.main.suggested_price_total.

Single Day Weather Guarantee (popup module)

Customers see the popup module after clicking "See Details" in the embedded component.

Multi Day Weather Guarantee (popup module)

Accepting or Declining a Quote

Once your customer has selected a quote created by the Sensible Weather SDK, you will be able to complete the process of Accepting or Declining the quote using the Sensible Weather API within your backend. To do so, follow the steps in the Integrating with API guide, passing the ID value from the SDK generated quote.