Who is Sensible

Sensible Weather is a climate risk technology company. Sensible uses its proprietary Climate Engine and parametric platform to help its end users manage risk. We are a team of scientists and technologists focused on helping people understand and mitigate their climate risk.

Our propriety Climate Engine enables us to analyze weather risk across a high resolution of time and space, and our scientific R&D is backed by the National Science Foundation.

What is a Weather Guarantee

A Weather Guarantee reimburses your customers for a travel experience or outdoor activity in the event of impending inclement weather. The guarantee is designed to give your customers confidence that if their experience is going to be less enjoyable due to the weather, they’ll get some or all of their money back.

A Weather Guarantee is not cancelation protection in the event of extreme weather. Instead, a Weather Guarantee is focused on times when the experience of an outdoor event is diminished in value due to less than ideal weather, such as light rain for 3 hours in the middle of the day. Customers still get to attend and enjoy their experience for the time that the weather is good, and they get reimbursement for the time when the weather is not ideal.

Weather Guarantees are designed with the customer in mind to provide useful coverages, affordable prices, and a delightful user experience that leaves a positive impression from start to end. We work with brands and merchants to determine the best guarantee and experience that will serve your customers.

Sensible manages a Weather Guarantee so travel and event brands can:

  • Increase revenue
  • Increase conversion
  • Reduce cancelations
  • Increase advance booking
  • Improve customer experience

How to offer a Weather Guarantee

A Weather Guarantee can be offered in two ways, depending on the customer use-cases.
1. Included as part of a booking
2. An add-on when booking