Can a customer cancel their Weather Guarantee when coverage has already started?

This is not currently possible nor do we plan to support refunds for Weather Guarantees that have already started.

What are the cancellation policies of a Weather Guarantee?

We match the cancellation policy of the partner. The only restriction is that we can't refund a Weather Guarantee once it has already started. All other situations are determined by the partner. We strongly recommend that partners enforce the same cancelation policies between the primary booking and the Weather Guarantee for the clearest customer experience.

When is the Weather Guarantee unable to be cancelled?

The guarantee is unable to be cancelled if the customer's reservation it's attached to is still active (they can't just cancel and refund the weather guarantee only) or after the first day has begun as we cannot stop policies from executing once they have begun.

What are the refund policies of a Weather Guarantee?
We always refund 100% of the price of a Weather Guarantee if a Weather Guarantee is eligible for cancellation.

Can customers receive a partial refund for their Weather Guarantee?

No. We require that customers are always refunded for the full amount of the Weather Guarantee. Partial refunds are not supported.

Can a Weather Guarantee be cancelled and refunded once it has been bought if the booking itself is still active and unchanged?

No - once a weather guarantee has been purchased it is only refundable upon a cancellation of the booking itself.

How close to the coverage start date can a Weather Guarantee be canceled?

We match your policy. If you allow cancellations up to the day before so do we. The one exception is we do not allow cancellations or modifications once a booking has started.

We give partial refunds within a certain window, what should we refund for the Weather Guarantee?

The full amount - If a booking and Weather Guarantee have been canceled always refund the full amount of the Weather Guarantee.

If a customer modifies their booking by purchasing an additional add on but makes no other changes, should we cancel and re-quote the Weather Guarantee?

If the add on is under 10% of the booking cost there is no need to re-quote the Weather Guarantee. If a guest has a Weather Guarantee let them know that this new purchase will not be covered by the Weather Guarantee.