Customer cancels their reservation

When a customer cancels their reservation with a partner, we also must cancel the attached Weather Guarantee. The partner will communicate the cancellation to us via the below process.

Method of Cancellation

Use the Cancel Guarantee endpoint with the associated Guarantee ID to cancel the guarantee. The refund for the Weather Guarantee can be processed once the cancellation is confirmed via the API.


Processing refunds differs depending on if Sensible or the Partner is the Merchant of Record (MoR).

Sensible Weather as MoR

When Sensible Weather is the MoR and the Guarantee API receives a cancel request as part of the partner’s booking cancellation flow, our system will mark the Guarantee as cancelled and the customer will be automatically refunded for the entire cost of the Guarantee.

Partner as MoR

When our Partner is the MoR, we still require the Cancel Guarantee endpoint to be used but the partner must issue a full refund of the original Weather Guarantee amount to the customer. Sensible Weather will use cancellations received via the Guarantee API to ensure that invoices accurately reflect any refunds paid out to customers for their canceled bookings.